Opinions May Vary

(WARNING: Sorry in advanced if this seems incoherent. Just needed to ramble.)

I like to think that I’m a good person. Yes, I may not attend church every Sunday, and my life isn’t completely sin free, but that doesn’t change how I try to live my life.

Personally, I try to live with not only an open mind, but an open heart. Sometimes this proves difficult, and I fail, but I’m still trying! I can’t guarantee that I won’t judge someone every once in a while, but that’s what makes us human, right?

Everyday I try my hardest to love and support the people closest to me with everything I have because I know that they have my back. 

I try my best to not give others reasons to dislike me. 

I try to help others with anything that I can, even if it means putting their needs ahead of my own.

There’s not many people I’ve talked to about this, but I’ve spent a lot of time lately struggling with what I believe. I’m not quite sure what my beliefs are right now. When it comes down to it though, I’m trying to live my life as the best person I can be. That’s what’s truly supposed to matter, right?




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