Sometimes A Perfect Album Comes Along

It will be the album you turn to when you’ve had a bad day (or it’s raining outside).

It’s going to be the one that teaches you about life and growing up.

That album will be what reminds you you’re not alone.

You’ll put this album on every time you’re in the car with your friends in hopes that they can relate to it and love it as much as you (even though they probably won’t).

It will show you the power of music as it overtakes your emotions.

That album will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard (even if it sounds just like some other band’s album).

If you have a record player, you’ll buy this album on vinyl because you want to hear it sound so pure and imperfect at the same time.

It’ll be the album that you’ll never be able to explain why you love it so much because no one else will understand.

When you find it, don’t take it for granted because there will come a time where the themes aren’t relevant to you any more, and it will be nothing more than something you play every once in a while for nostalgia’s sake.

I pity those who don’t have an album like this because there’s nothing better.


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