A Journey of Music Discovery

I remember when I used to spend hours each day listening to new bands and discovering new music. I could probably credit that to not having much else to do in my small hometown. I also remember being the person my friends came to when looking for new music, but when approached last week, I barely had an answer to give.

Lately, in spite of living in a city filled to the brim with new music, I’ve been listening to the same couple of albums on repeat. While I absolutely adore those albums (1989 and Strange Desire if you were wondering), I know that I need to get myself back into the habit of searching and finding great new music.

I’ve decided to challenge myself to find at least one if not more new artist a week without any genre limits. I’ll be compiling my musical discoveries into a Spotify playlist (found below) as well as provide insights every once in a while here on Megan Rambles.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions of artists to check out, feel free to send them my way!

xo Megan


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