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A Lesson In Creativity


In my entrepreneurship class last semester we spent almost an entire class period defining and discussing how to inspire creativity. One outlet I don’t think a single person thought of was working at an ice cream shop. Truthfully, I’ve never been more inspired than I have been while working here this summer.

Someone once told me to take something away from everyone you meet because you never know what they’ll teach you about life. Many people I’ve encountered lately have added a spark of creativity to my life.

As of late, I’ve been observing others closer; noticing their actions and listening to their stories. I’ve met some interesting characters recently, and their collective strangeness has added up to a slightly odd summer that has been budding new ideas in my head. In a way it’s inspired me to want to become a good story teller in a way that makes my good story award superlative true and not ironic. Of all the people I’ve encountered in the past couple of months, I think the children are the best place to turn to for creative inspiration. From the stories they tell to their innocent ideas of the world, they bring a new perspective that those of is who have begun losing our creative edge can be renewed. They also tend to keep me on my toes with their requests for dinosaur faces and (edible) hair on their ice cream cones.

The bottom line, no matter where you are and where you go, remember to look around you and be inspired. I never expected a quiet summer in a small town to affect my thinking as much as it has lately. It doesn’t take much if you simply open your mind to everything around you.